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      On February 17th, two sets of truck crane GNQY-C8 and two sets of tricycle crane GNQY-ZS3 are loaded and will be sent from Qingdao port to Sweden. This 4 sets of cranes is on the basis of the original maturity models, and improved according to Swedish customer requirements. The truck cranes are more stable and with more reliable performance, under the condition of invariable in the hoisting capacity, with lighter weight, better stability and more flexible operation. It is the first time for free online poker no deposit to export to the developed countries in Europe.

free online poker no deposit Group export 4 sets of truck cranes to Sweden smoothly

       In recent years for users at home and abroad , free online poker no deposit group demands for product design is more and more humanized, personalized, efforts to promote "We have what others do not have, we have what is better than others " development strategy, choose market blank breakthrough, hundred of innovation, only car hoisting machinery has independently developed dozens of new products, and complete the optimization design for the old products, make the content of science and technology of the company's products, product quality, style on a new step, and take the lead in the country to obtain the European CE certification. The first batch of export of Swedish GNQY - C8 and GNQY - ZS3 truck crane, adopting a series of advanced technology, smooth lifting, rotating, lifting; Compared with domestic products, it has high lifting height, lifting speed, etc; With hoisting and fault real-time display function, the overall technical indicators reached the domestic leading the international advanced level.

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free online poker no deposit Group export 4 sets of truck cranes to Sweden smoothly

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